General Electric | Fundamental Analysis

It's no secret that all of the investment ideas associated with General Electric are based on and dependent on the evolution in three of its four industrial segments-the healthcare segment is doing well. It goes without saying that every business should be focused on favorable end markets, but given the growing or even just stable market environment, can GE segments really benefit from this? Let's try to figure it out.

Trading Analysis of Dow Jones 30 Index

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 464.28 points (1.46%) to 32297.02 by closing the trading session. The U.S. House of Representatives approved the $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package, offered by U.S. President Joe Biden, which was positive news for the market. Biden is expected to sign the bill on Friday. The Senate approved the stimulus package over the weekend, making some changes to the House draft. Statistics released Wednesday showed that U.S. inflation accelerated to 1.7% in February, the highest in a year. Meanwhile, the figures matched experts' expectations, easing fears of accelerating inflation.

EUR/USD | Euro to US Dollar Trading Analysis

Eurozone: the key indicator for long-term inflation expectations reached a 21-month high. The key indicator for long-term inflation expectations in the euro area exceeded 1.40% for the first time since May 2019. The 5-year forward inflation swap rate, closely monitored by the ECB, was 1.405% (+2 basis points). The main catalyst for Friday's rise was a rise in Treasury yields, accompanied by a speech by Fed Chief Powell, which once again lifted global yields. This is an encouraging sign for the ECB given the fact that the central bank has not been able to raise the inflation rate to the target of 2% for many years.

USD/JPY Forecast Fundamental Analysis | US Dollar / Japanese Yen

Foreign Buying of Japanese Bonds for the period ending March 6th was reported at ¥98.9B, and Foreigners Buying of Japanese Stocks was reported at -¥136.9B. Forex traders can compare this to Foreign Buying of Japanese Bonds for the period ending February 27th, reported at -¥1.719.6B, and to Foreigners Buying of Japanese Stocks, reported at -¥453.8B. The Japanese PPI for February increased by 0.4% monthly and decreased by 0.7% annualized. Economists predicted an increase of 0.5% and a decrease of 0.7% annualized. Forex traders can compare this to the Japanese PPI for January, which increased by 0.5% monthly and decreased by 1.5% annualized.

Disney | Fundamental Analysis

Shares of Walt Disney Company hit record highs once again on Monday. Two weeks ago, the media giant briefly climbed above the $200 mark, but this is the first time the stock price has closed above such an impressive mark.

Trading Analysis of S&P 500 Index

U.S. stock indices closed Tuesday's trading in decline after a sharp rise the day before. In particular, shares of major technology companies fell significantly.

USD/CHF | US Dollar to Swiss Franc Trading Analysis

Chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee Sherrod Brown urged the Federal Reserve to explore the possibility of issuing a digital dollar. The official sent a corresponding letter to agency chairman Jerome Powell.

NZD/USD Forecast Fundamental Analysis | New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar

New Zealand Electronic Retail Card Spending for February decreased by 2.5% monthly and 5.3% annualized. Forex traders can compare this to New Zealand Electronic Retail Card Spending for January, which decreased by 0.2% monthly, and increased by 1.9% annualized.

Twitter | Fundamental Analysis

While the price is below 66.50, follow the recommendations below:

GOLD/USD | Gold to US Dollar Trading Analysis

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